Monday, February 4, 2008

Counting down...

It's just few days for me to start my adventure and these days are all about prepairing eveything that I need to take with difficult is to decide which things will be useful on a year trip! But if there is something that I'm good at it it's, I have spent the last 2 weeks in Internet and of course, bumping into my friends to advice me on the things I should buy. Thanks guys...and sorry for being a pain!

I'm so exicited...I can't wait to leave...the the day I bought the ticket I felt very emotional, I've been thinking about this for long time, and when you have a dream back in your mind and you see that is becoming true, you just can't stop smiling and feeling proud of yourself. It has been a year of hard work...and being minded on the aim has been difficult sometimes...but here it's... my reward. I'm leaving on the 26 of Feb. on a direct flight to Bangkok...and, dear friends, by the time I get to the plane the feeling is going to be priceless.

Now I'm trying to spend quaility time with my friends over here, just to catch up and spend these last days receiving all their love...I think that's what I will miss during this time. I'm sure I'll meet a lot of people on the way, but I will also miss those friends who know me better than myself, and who I don't need to say a word to tell them how I feel...they just know it looking at my eyes.

During these days I have realised how much I got from my 4 years living in London... you can get tired of London, but when you know you are leaving you start to appreciate all good things about this city...the London vibe, the London experience...even the rain and the cold! (well..I think this is too much to say).
I'm looking forward to my leaving's going to be awsome...everyone is coming...very good music and good vibe...what else can I ask for my leaving party? Thanks everyone for making it...I'll be glad to enjoy a last party with you.
I promise I will post the pictures on the blog...

It's so funny when some of my friends worry about how I'm going to travel the world on my own when I get lost going from one side to another of London...I know, I know that I would have to pay more attention, and I promise I will buy some contact lens so I can read the signs across the road...and I promise I won't speak to everybody in the streets. I'm also aware that I need to chill out...not walking that fast, not being late for everything...and trying to remember where I have put my passport, the key of the room, my money...and I will change the time as soon as I get to every country!!!

All I can say now is... life is good...and you only live once, so if you have a dream, make it true...and you will be the HAPPIEST person in the world.

Hope to see you on Friday!!!

Peace and Love

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