Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So long...so many things: my b'day

I thought there are no many people read my blog, but actually there are, because I have received some comments like 'are you getting lazy?' 'when are you going to update your blog?' 'Have you noticed that you last update is from the 14th of June?' So, here I'm...BACK!!

First of all...THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS to all of you that have sent me a 'present' for my birthday and who has called me or send me an email. I bought the camara, an amazing one, since then I've been looking to the world in a different way...looking for the pics that tell about my journey, so you can all see it (well, once I post the photos somewhere...facebook probably).

My birthday was very special... as long as I turned 27 eating sweets and drinking juice! And having a lot of Teddy white bears as presents.
I woke up early (as I didn't even do when I was 5 to watch cartoons on the TV) and all the kids at Baan Saan Rak were really exicited about my birthday as if it was an special day for them all. They sang Happy Birthday to me and kissed me lots. And then, they left for school and I went to the temple, as it's traditional in Thailand, to offer food, flowers and some money to the monks. The eldest monk prayed in front of me and blessed me. Thanks that Jit came along because I didn't even notice when he finished and I kept knelt on my knees with my head down as a sign of respect. God omen.

I went to school to teach, and as soon as I arrived I started to hear the Happy Birthday in all the classes... and to my surprised all of them were really busy drawing b'day cards for me! Yep...never before I had 70 b'day cards! I bought sweets for all of them the day before and I went from class to class giving them.. I felt like Santa Clause! And they all sang Happy B'day...all the day long. On the boards in the classes was drawen 'Happy B'day Pi Miriam. We love you'.

The teachers brougth special food (fried insects included) and they made me ate everything... in Thailand everything is about the food. Oooh!God! What a beautiful lunch!

And at night Jit cooked 'special' food for us too...this was some soup with seafood, salad and a cake! And of course I blew the candle and made a wish.
When I first started my journey I wondered where I was goind to be in my birthday, and with whom...I tell you, never imagined such a great day for my 27 b'day... they gave me all their love, they made one of most specials b'days I have ever had and I won't ever forget how wonderful Thai people are to make you feel at home and special the day you were born.

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