Friday, March 7, 2008

Thai Peace

It's been a week or so since I arrived to Thailand. Bangkok was so shocking for me... I didn't expect such a big is a complete chaos!! But once I got my feet out of the G.H. without the rucksack and in soft clothes...then, it was much easier.

Bangkok is like a big market...everything is for selling...and everything happens in the streets... Even women sweing in their Singer machines... A lot of food...all kind of food...meat, sweet, vegetables...everything! I haven't tried all yet...but I will. I've been very careful with the food so far, just trying not to be sick the first few, then my body will get use to the food and I could eat everything. You know how much I like food... :0)

I visited the Grand Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha...quite impressive...very nice. I really liked the art and colourfull... Chinatown! Wow...I think is the biggest chinesse city outside China... you can get a good tasty chinesse food there for few baths.

But if you really want to see a big market..then go to Chatujak on the weekend...there you can buy from clothes, to paints, food, carpets, and beautiful dogs! It's a very lively market.

I have met quite few people so far...some Spaniards...really nice people, from Barcelona but living in Ibiza...they gave few tips for Laos...and a meditation place in an island (I can't remember the name now...but, don't worry I wrote it down on my notebook!). And thena I met a French guy...this was funny. I met him three times in the same, the last time we met we decided to have a drink's pretty unsual to meet someone for three times in Bangkok. It was really nice to meet him. He's been travelling for a year in South East Asia and South America...and now he's going to spend few months in Burma...he says it's a wonderful country...maybe I go.

And about Thai...well... I think by the time I leave I may be able to say hello, bye, thank you and how are you with a very good pronunciation...but far from understand anything!! It's so difficult! But I like to listen to them when they talk...

I'm now in an island in the Soouth...beautiful spot...few people, good food, not much electricity...only one computer with Internet and nice people. I have spent my days reading...eating, swimming....SLEEPING!! Just a few days I'll be back to BKK and the heading to North to volunteer.

I met Jean and Angela 3 days ago...and it's been so nice to be with friends...but I'm also happy on my own. This is something that I'm enjoying a lot from my journey...being on my own.

Due to the basic resources that this island has...I can't post my pictures...but I will do it soon.

Loads of love.


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